New Uniform And A Big Bulge 4

This story is a continuation of New Uniform And A Big Bulge 3.

So later that day. I was done running and the black girl from earlier found me at our team camp site. She asked me again if it was real and i said yes. She said no way, I want to see it. I said I’m not showing you here. She said meet me at our team bus. So I did. I walk on the bus and her and two friends of hers are at back of bus. She said show us so i pulled my speed suit down and pulled my cock out of my jock. She said God Damn! That’s huge and reaches out and starts stroking with one hand and then starts jacking me off with two hands. She keeps on saying its the biggest dick she has ever seen. She starts moaning and the other girls are just staring and she says I got to suck this dick. She starts going to town on my cock and to this day its probably the best blow job I’ve ever received. Mainly because of how excited she was and the other two who just sat and stared. But she definitely worked it over.

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New Uniform And A Big Bulge 3

This story is a continuation of New Uniform And A Big Bulge 2.

So I go change into compression short and shorts over that. we do track practice and my friends are telling me that some of the girls are asking if I put something in my shorts to look like I had a big cock. My friends told them nope he is hung like a horse. After this event all the girls from track would look at my crotch anytime they passed me whether in the hallway, practice, parties, store. It didn’t matter where we were, If I am in front of them they would look and see if a bulge was there; if there was, they were staring.

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New Uniform And A Big Bulge 2

This story is a continuation of New Uniform And A Big Bulge.

So I head out to the track and both the girls team and the boys team are waiting down there.  The boys team is lined up and ready to take the pictures. I hustle out and get in the back row of the team picture because I am tallest on the team.  I sprinted down so I know only a few girls saw the bulge in my suit. As we were getting our picture taken I noticed a group of girls around the female manager talking laughing and looking at me.

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Scorned Wife Takes Revenge Part II

This story is a continuation of Scorned Wife Takes Revenge.

I walk in the front door and and I’m overwhelmed at the number of hot women in my home. My wife Cathy introduced me around and I could not take my eyes off of the tits and ass. Some of the girls were laughing and pointing in my direction. I figured I was busted so I prepared to escape to my office and jerk off.

It was then that Cathy ambushed me. She says she has someone “special” she wants me to meet. Out of the kitchen walks Cheryl, a woman I have been enjoying my CFNM fantasies with for over a year now and that I’m sure that at some point worked with Zoom Escorts and those kind of services. Worse yet Cheryl is carrying a laptop on which is playing a movie of myself and Cindy, another girl I act out CFNM fantasies with.

In the movie I am furiously jacking off as Cindy makes fun of my dick which is abnormally small. A mirror is positioned so that I can easily shoot my load on to it. All of the women in the room, my wife Cathy and my mistress Cheryl are watching as I shoot a huge load of cum all over the mirror. I’m mortified that an entire room of women has seen me naked, seen my incredibly small cock and last saw me shoot a massive load of cum on to a mirror.

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New Uniform And A Big Bulge

Okay spring 1990.  I’m 18 and we are starting track season.  There was a big deal made about us getting new track and field uniforms.  We were stoked because we hated the short nylon shorts with a built in pouch.  Well we the first time we saw our new uniforms was on team picture day.  I got to practice late and Coach handed me my uniform and said hurry and get dressed, you’re late and we have pictures to get taken and still have practice after that.  I said okay and went to locker room.  Now these new track uniforms were speed suits.  This is when they first started wearing these in high school.  They were already starting to wear them in college and the olympics but we only saw a few teams wearing them.  For those of you that don’t know, speed suits are one piece spandex/lycra much like a wrestling singlet.  The speed suits back then were not made as good as they are now days.  These were pretty flimsy spandex material not like the thick compression suits they wear now.  Our school colors were royal blue and white.

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Scorned Wife Takes Revenge

Todd is my husband and a sorry excuse for one. I had suspected for a while that Todd was cheating on me but couldn’t prove it. He has a good job and makes a lot of money. He’s gone a lot on “business” so he has plenty of opportunity. The only thing that gives me doubt is that Todd has an extremely small dick. Like pinky finger small. Who the hell would want that?

In my defense, at one time I was willing to overlook Todd’s shortcomings. I loved him with all my heart. He could never really satisfy me with his small penis but there are other ways to get the job done. As it turns out he he failed there as well. Sex with Todd was rare and almost always a disappointment. Leaving Todd was never an option as I believe in till death…until.

The phone call. It was from a woman I had never met. She called to tell me she had been sleeping with my “small dick asshole husband” and that she was going to sue him for posting videos of them having sex on the Internet. We ended up chatting for quite a while and I was able to convince her not to sue if I could get him to remove the videos. I had a plan that would benefit us both and get back at Todd as well.

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Nudist Camp CFNM Story

Last year i decided to take a long, long ride to a nudist camp.

I had to lay low, meaning, i needed to act like i was a normal nudist otherwise they would spot a CFNM sleaze and throw me the hell out!

So i drove over 2 hours through rural Tobacco fields and churches in North Carolina.

When i got there, the front office where you are “questioned” sat there on gravel a tiny office it was,.

I parked all excited, and tried to calm myself down, for i needed to past some sort of test in order to proceed, I was used to see naked girls in sites as, but this was my first time in this sort of experience.

I parked my car and proceeded inside. It was this make shift little office with a women around 60 years old weather skin from the sun glasses blonde with a voice plagued with years of smoking.

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The Dream – Naked In The Classroom

I promised in my previous post ‘Naked In The Classroom‘ to share my recurring dream involving being naked in a public place. Here it is.

My dream begins with me sitting in class at my desk. Everything seems normal at first. I see Ms. Honey (no lie), my extremely hot English teacher standing at the front of the room, writing on the board. She’s in her late twenties, long blonde hair, nice legs, pretty face with a big bright smile. Ms. H is a little thick in the ass but she also has huge, round, gorgeous, tits to balance it out.

My dick is getting hard so I casually scan the classroom to make sure nobody has noticed. It’s only then that I realize there are fewer classmates in the room than normal. In fact all of the boys are missing, except for me of course. It seems odd but as long as I have Ms. Honey to look at I’m cool.

Now Ms. Honey is facing the class looking directly at me her eyes as wide as dinner plates. I flash her a confused smile as I look down to see why.

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A Ride In The Car

This is 100% real story.

One find day I got a call from distant cousin that her wife was coming
to Delhi from Amritsar , where she’d gone for minor eye operation . I
was supposed to pick her up from Railway station and again drop it
there in evening from where she would be boarding a train back to her
home in Kanpur. Her name was Rekha . 27 years old and mother of one ,
she was from Nagpur ( Mahashtra south India ) and her accent was very
very sexy. She was medium built , black hair and perky cheeks. Bak at
my marriage in March 2010 I had a lot of fun with her and my cousin ,
showed them around Delhi etc.

My mind was working faster than Vishy Anand’s and making
various types of schemes how to fool around with her in a funny manner
and show her my stiffy . Her train was at 5:30 am in morning from
Nizamuddin railway station around 40 kms 1 hour drive from my home.
The morning timing was good enough for me to execute a perfect 10/10
fool proof plan.

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How It All Began

My wife was pissed that i started smoking again, she said to me “you are never smoking in this house again, from now on you MUST smoke on the porch!”

so at first i got my pants on shirt went outside and smoked

but after a few times i got lazy, and instead of putting on pants, i slipped into pale blue old faded pajama bottoms.

Well, these things were FLIMSY! and one evening i stood there smoking, and my upstairs spanish neighbors came home.

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