Nudist Camp CFNM Story

Last year i decided to take a long, long ride to a nudist camp.

I had to lay low, meaning, i needed to act like i was a normal nudist otherwise they would spot a CFNM sleaze and throw me the hell out!

So i drove over 2 hours through rural Tobacco fields and churches in North Carolina.

When i got there, the front office where you are “questioned” sat there on gravel a tiny office it was,.

I parked all excited, and tried to calm myself down, for i needed to past some sort of test in order to proceed, I was used to see naked girls in sites as, but this was my first time in this sort of experience.

I parked my car and proceeded inside. It was this make shift little office with a women around 60 years old weather skin from the sun glasses blonde with a voice plagued with years of smoking.

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How It All Began

My wife was pissed that i started smoking again, she said to me “you are never smoking in this house again, from now on you MUST smoke on the porch!”

so at first i got my pants on shirt went outside and smoked

but after a few times i got lazy, and instead of putting on pants, i slipped into pale blue old faded pajama bottoms.

Well, these things were FLIMSY! and one evening i stood there smoking, and my upstairs spanish neighbors came home.

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Chariots Of CFNM

This story is totally amazing!

it happens to be my second favorite CFNM story!

Here is what happened, ~~~~~~

A few years ago i was in a place called AT HOME it’s a store that has all these knick knacks and such, anyhow, i was wearing my famous silver CFNM yoga pants, walking around looking for someone to film me.

You see, if they do not whip out their i-phones i consider it a waste of my time!

If a women see’s my penis smiles i think who cares she didn’t LOVE it! and ONLY when they whip out their i phones does it mean they LOVE it, otherwise it’s forgoton  by me

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A Cock As Strong As Steel!

This story takes place back in San Francisco May of 2008.

This story is more funny than erotic, but it’s a story that MUST be told!

it’s not long, but it’s quite amusing.

I was riding a bus in San Francisco, and there was no room to sit down, so i had to stand.

Of course i was in my trusty CFNM pants.

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The Greatest CFNM Of My Life!

Hey there fans, this is CFNM porn star Bernard  Z.  Grate.

I’ve had over 10,000 CFNM happenings in my lifetime, more women have seen my cock than perhaps any other male!

My estimation is roughly 6 million women have seen my penis in the last 10 years!

So many experiences with CFNM it’s totally amazing, but today i want to write about the single greatest CFNM experience of my lifetime so far!

As some of you fans may recall, i was sent to San Francisco back in May of 2008,to film bay to breakers .

I decided to wear my famous package check pants every day there.

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