A Ride In The Car

This is 100% real story.

One find day I got a call from distant cousin that her wife was coming
to Delhi from Amritsar , where she’d gone for minor eye operation . I
was supposed to pick her up from Railway station and again drop it
there in evening from where she would be boarding a train back to her
home in Kanpur. Her name was Rekha . 27 years old and mother of one ,
she was from Nagpur ( Mahashtra south India ) and her accent was very
very sexy. She was medium built , black hair and perky cheeks. Bak at
my marriage in March 2010 I had a lot of fun with her and my cousin ,
showed them around Delhi etc.

My mind was working faster than Vishy Anand’s and making
various types of schemes how to fool around with her in a funny manner
and show her my stiffy . Her train was at 5:30 am in morning from
Nizamuddin railway station around 40 kms 1 hour drive from my home.
The morning timing was good enough for me to execute a perfect 10/10
fool proof plan.

It was a hot summer morning . I was wearing white colored Nike Tempacool track pants (parachute material ). Parked my car and went to platform to receive
her . She was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans and was carrying a
small handbag. I greeted her and we both sat in the car. Here in
Indian it is a custom to have morning tea ( called Chai) and small
roadside vendors sell them staring from railway parking lot to the
main exit lounge which connects to the ring road. There was literally
no traffic .

I drive a Suzuki Wagon R , it’s a tall boy design hatchback . I ask
her if she wants to have some tea. She said alright. My heart was
already pumping in my mouth , I could feel adrenaline rush and my cock
was hard like a rock , shaking . I stopped the car and while sitting
in the car asked the road-side vendor to make 2 cups tea ( with
disposable cups ) and two baked fans.

I asked her should I stop for the tea or its alright If we keep on
moving . She said fine move on . The cup was held in my left hand (
here in India we have British style LHS side drive) , I engaged first
gear and left the accelerator with a hurry . The hot tea was all over
my pants , piping hot tea spilled all over my lap.

I acted like its hurting , aaoouuccchhhh …..I iiiiii goootttt
burned…oh shitt…oh god I got burned …….Im taking these
off….aaacooouuuuhhh she was really bothered and said ‘ Kuch pehna hai
na neeche??’ ….r u wearing anything underneath . I said ‘haan haan – yeah…yeah in a crying tone and pulled my pants down. Right now my stiffy was hidden underneath the T-shirt . I started the car and we started moving. She
had this mischievous grin on her face and I was looking from the side
mirror she was trying to take a peek and ascertain what’s hidden under
the shirt. 5 mins had passed by we were driving and my cock was
hidden under the shirt with pants pulled down.

In another half an hour how I conviced her feel my stiffy and rub with
her soft hands

I still remember exactly it was prolab XXXXL size white t-shirt which
I was wearing that day as it was quite long and slightly tight so that
I could hide my private organs in case the flash went wrong and I
decided to call it off. But as luck favors the brave, it all went
smoothly and seemed natural , me coming alone to pick her up , buying
tea from roadside vendor , accidentally spilling Chai over me and
removing my pants ….all looked natural and I acted like a victim. Now
hardly 5 mins had gone by when I was driving with my pants down (
remember my junk was covered and hidden and she’d not seen it yet.

Now the trick was to slowly and slowly lift my T-shirt up so that she
may see the tip of my penis……..just a hint that Im not wearing any
underwear. I adjusted my T-shirt and half of the shaft of my stiffy
poked out of T-shirt …..my heart was in my mouth…my ears had gone red
and heartbeat very very fast….my voice tone too started to tremble as
I spoke. On the contrary she was playing with her hair and rhyming a
songs etc but her devilish smile said it all that she wanted to flirt
and would not perhaps react in a negative manner if at all I show her
my junk.

Bernie , my wife would kill me if she ever happens to read this mail
or know about this. Time was 6:00 am morning and we were crossing
India Gate T-Point towards Asoka road when suddenly she started
clapping her hands and burst out in laughter.

Yes she’d seen the tip of my penis. I asked her what happened.

‘Aap to Jhootey ho. Neechey kuch nahi pehna ??’ she exclaimed with
huge grin on her face. (English translation: hey u naughty liar u aren’t
wearing anything underneath are u?)

I acted surprised and said what ????

‘Itni badi toto dikh rahi hai’ Itni Badi means big and Toto means
penis in Hindi dikh rahi hai means is visible.

I said Oh shit Oh Shit…Im sorry sorry and acted totally embarrassed and
turned my head away. She was laughing continuously and never took her
eyes off my thing.

I tucked my legs and joined my knees together in order to look as if
my hiding my thing but by this time my whole male anatomy of cock and
balls was in her pleasurable view and sight and she was totally
admiring it.

Now the trick here was to seem natural and non-aggressive so I did not
engage my sexual thoughts yet and kept myself driving while she got
cooled down . I said you should not laugh at others . I got saved.

Her reply was , I should not worry much as my main organ was fine . I
asked her what does she mean? She said : ‘Toto theek hai na’ (your
junk is fine and very healthy don’t care about your legs)
I asked how she could tell my penis is healthy she said ‘it is erect
and hard it means my vital organs are safe and not burnt’.

Reacting to my boner she asked is it always like this in the morning
or I needed to pee. Told her Im hurt she took out a CD and lifted my
T-shirt and hit at my cock and said ‘where ???? here’ then hit at my
balls and said ‘or here’ . I said both/ She threw away the CD and
again hit my cock with her hands and said theek to hai . She was
totally all over place and almost about to molest me . Before I could
say anything she was fondling my private parts while I was driving the
car. My knees were becoming weak and it was hard to concentrate. She
kept on tapping my cock and laughing and pressed it at times but never
gave it a tug. I never asked her as I had already gotten more than I
had bargained for.

This tapping and touching thing lasted 10 mins . We reached home & I
parked the car.

I had very little time to go to toilet and shot at least half a liter
of cum , sprayed it all over toilet walls.

Her making fun of my manhood, even Im decently hung 7-8 inches , makes me hard even today after so many years.

Unnam. V
(Published with Authors permission)

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