How It All Began

My wife was pissed that i started smoking again, she said to me “you are never smoking in this house again, from now on you MUST smoke on the porch!”

so at first i got my pants on shirt went outside and smoked

but after a few times i got lazy, and instead of putting on pants, i slipped into pale blue old faded pajama bottoms.

Well, these things were FLIMSY! and one evening i stood there smoking, and my upstairs spanish neighbors came home.

They closed the car door in a huff and it was some teenage girls with their mom, i knew they had to come near me to go to their apartment, I always liked moms because I used to watch Some Serious Pink Mom Son Incest XXX.

The thought of them coming towards me soon, and me standing there in these see thru flimsy faded blue pajama bottoms gave me a huge hard on!

I’d love to tell you that i showed them but i didn’t for i was shy,so i turned to one side said good evening, and let them pass without seeing my huge penis!

but the next time i went out the next day i stood there proudly, and two girls walking by stopped looked then looked at each other and laughed!


fast forward 8 years, and i started this site

and that’s how this all began

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