New Uniform And A Big Bulge 2

This story is a continuation of New Uniform And A Big Bulge.

So I head out to the track and both the girls team and the boys team are waiting down there.  The boys team is lined up and ready to take the pictures. I hustle out and get in the back row of the team picture because I am tallest on the team.  I sprinted down so I know only a few girls saw the bulge in my suit. As we were getting our picture taken I noticed a group of girls around the female manager talking laughing and looking at me.

So we take our team pics.  Then we have to individual pics.  So we stand in line and wait for that.  I am extremely embarrased and I keep my back to the girls and wait to get my pic taken.  I’m completely flustered and won’t even hardly talk to my friends who are in line with me.  It is so obvious that even the guys in line close me stare at it every time they look my way.  I’m getting really nervous because the girls coach is taking our money for the photographer. Both the girls coach and the photographer are female.  The girls coach is a tall, thick, beautiful 40 year old milf.  Dark hair and blue eyes with a large rack.  I’m behind two guys and then I get my pic taken.  The next guy steps up to get pic taken and I have to give her my money packet.  I step up and she sees my cock and stares at it as she takes my money.  It was an unbelievable feeling and experience for me.  It stirred something in me seeing her reaction to seeing my thick cock hanging down my leg and on top of my huge balls.  I mean these speed suits really put ;me on display.  Her face turned red and she started acting funny.  She kept taking long looks at it.  Photographer actuallly said to me whoa, big boy and started giggling. Then I had to turn around and walk past all the girls on the track team.  One of them stopped me to ask me questions about picture money and kept asking me stupid questions so all the girls could stare at my cock.. At this time I was really embarrased about it but just a short few days I would grow to love being on display.  As I walked away all the girls started laughing hysterically and some were screaming.

To be continued

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