New Uniform And A Big Bulge 3

This story is a continuation of New Uniform And A Big Bulge 2.

So I go change into compression short and shorts over that. we do track practice and my friends are telling me that some of the girls are asking if I put something in my shorts to look like I had a big cock. My friends told them nope he is hung like a horse. After this event all the girls from track would look at my crotch anytime they passed me whether in the hallway, practice, parties, store. It didn’t matter where we were, If I am in front of them they would look and see if a bulge was there; if there was, they were staring.

Now the best was the girls track coach. She always stared at my crotch after that day; no matter where we were. I would see here watching me walk down the hallway in my levis 501 jeans and she would never look me in the eyes. She would be staring down watching my bulge sway back and forth. It was so hot! I started fantasizing about her even more. I mean she was gorgeous! A Linda Carter look alike but with bigger tits and ass.

So day before our first track meet my coach says “make sure you wear a jock strap tomorrow with that speed suit”. So i do and it looked like I had a softball stuck in my speedsuit. The first event was the 4×100 meter relay. so I had to get warmed up and work on handoffs. I was very aware that people were staring at my bulge. All the other guys warming up were looking at it and so were all the girls warming up as well. I noticed a lot of girls smiling and talking to each other while looking at me. I also noticed the girls coach staring at my bulge. When my coach came to check my hand off he started walking away and the girls coach callled him over and she started talking to him very animated way. He came over and told me that she asked him if I was trying to be funny by stuffing my speed suit. He said that he told her no, the good Lord blessed him and he started laughing. He said are you okay with the suit? I said I don’t know, feel like everyone is staring. He said well, these are supposed to help you sprinters. I said okay.

Well I was the anchor leg of the relay and at most track meets the finish line is packed with spectators and other athletes who want to see the finish. it is the most watched event at the meet. As I got the baton we were in second and I blew past the guy who was in first as I get to the finish line I can hear a black girl screaming. I thought she was cheering for someone because I could hear someone starting to catch up to me. But as i turn and walk back to finish line I hear her screaming and laughing at saying look at middle on that white boy! Look at it! Did you see it flopping? She was being so loud and all here friends were following her down to the railing of the stands so they could see it better. I noticed everyone staring with lots of smiles and chuckling going on. I look over and see my coach talking with a couple of other coaches and laughing and I see the girls coach looking at me.

As I walk off the track the black girl from the stands says come here so I walk over and her and 6 other girls are watching my bulge flop as i walk over. She says Damn! Whats your name? I tell her and she says “you got socks in your suit?” I laugh and say no. she says I don’t believe you and I say sorry I’m not lying. I walk off. As I walk off i can see everyone in the infield staring at me. Again some are smiling and talking to others and some look pissed off at me. Anyway I ran two more times and same thing. I got lots of attention.

to be continued

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