New Uniform And A Big Bulge 4

This story is a continuation of New Uniform And A Big Bulge 3.

So later that day. I was done running and the black girl from earlier found me at our team camp site. She asked me again if it was real and i said yes. She said no way, I want to see it. I said I’m not showing you here. She said meet me at our team bus. So I did. I walk on the bus and her and two friends of hers are at back of bus. She said show us so i pulled my speed suit down and pulled my cock out of my jock. She said God Damn! That’s huge and reaches out and starts stroking with one hand and then starts jacking me off with two hands. She keeps on saying its the biggest dick she has ever seen. She starts moaning and the other girls are just staring and she says I got to suck this dick. She starts going to town on my cock and to this day its probably the best blow job I’ve ever received. Mainly because of how excited she was and the other two who just sat and stared. But she definitely worked it over.

So after 3 or 4 track meets and getting all this attention from girls I started liking all the attention of everyone staring at my bulge and all the respect I got from other guys. I stopped covering up after I ran. I used to put my sweats back on right away but then I just walked around all day at the track meet with just my speed suit. I also bought a royal blue pair of bike shorts and started wearing them to practice in and not wearing shorts over them. I loved that every person that I walked by looked or stared at my bulge. It was so awesome to be talking to a friend and his girlfriend would be with him and as I was talking to him i would catch her staring at my bulge.

So my coach’s wife has a baby and he takes a couple of weeks off to be with wife and baby. So that meant that the girls coach would be running practice and be in charge of both teams. Now I had started going commando in my 501’s at school and I was loving my cock hanging down my leg in my jeans. They were so tight and you could make out my shaft and my huge mushroom head hanging there. The girls coach would really stare my cock down as i walked to computer class which was across the hall from her. The second day I went commando in my jeans my computer teacher who was probably 45 and divorced was standing next to the girls coach talking as started down the hallway. Now I had jacked off to my computer teacher lots of times. She had nice big titties with big nipples that were always hard or she had the biggest nipples ever. She was pretty in the face but her lower body was kind of fat but I liked fantasizing about fucking her doggy style and watching that fat ass shake as I was fucking her deep. I was watching the coach because she had really been staring at my cock everyday. She spots me coming down hallway even though its crowded because I’m 6ft 3in tall. Anyway she spots me and I see her turn to computer teacher and say something to her and computer teacher turns her body to face me as I’m approaching. So i assume she has told her about me and inside I start to get excited. I can feel my cock start to thicken. I hang soft at 7 inches and fat. I grow to 10 inches when I’m hard. As I get closer I can tell both are waiting to see my big cock. I make sure i slow down and let the hallway clear so they can get an unobscured view of my cock. My cock was probably around 8 inches and growing. the hallway clears and I get about 25 feet of a clear shot to walk in front of them so they can ogle my cock. I see the coach say look at it! The computer teacher looks down and her eyes get big and she stares at my cock with her mouth oopen the entire time I walk by. I step in to her room but get just inside her door and move to wall and lean against it and listen because I heard the coach say “Did you see it”? Computer teacher say Oh my god how could I miss it? She says is it real? Is that all him? The coach says Its real. Ive been checking it out for a while and she said that the boys track coach told her it was real. She said that all the football coaches joke about his horse cock because they have seen him coming in and out of the showers and slaps his thighs when he walks. Computer teacher says wow unreal, Ive never seen anything like it and coach says I know its incredible. I hear her say well I better get to class so I go sit down. The computer teacher was usually very flirty with me but wasn’t that day. I did notice that she stared when I turned my paper in on her desk. I decided that I was going to wear my royal blue bike shorts commando and see what happened. I knew my coach wouldn’t be there so I thought perfect time to show off. If he was there he would make me at least wear a jock strap.

to be continued

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