New Uniform And A Big Bulge

Okay spring 1990.  I’m 18 and we are starting track season.  There was a big deal made about us getting new track and field uniforms.  We were stoked because we hated the short nylon shorts with a built in pouch.  Well we the first time we saw our new uniforms was on team picture day.  I got to practice late and Coach handed me my uniform and said hurry and get dressed, you’re late and we have pictures to get taken and still have practice after that.  I said okay and went to locker room.  Now these new track uniforms were speed suits.  This is when they first started wearing these in high school.  They were already starting to wear them in college and the olympics but we only saw a few teams wearing them.  For those of you that don’t know, speed suits are one piece spandex/lycra much like a wrestling singlet.  The speed suits back then were not made as good as they are now days.  These were pretty flimsy spandex material not like the thick compression suits they wear now.  Our school colors were royal blue and white.

So our new suits were royal blue spandex with white lettering.  These things were shiny and flimsy.  They only had like a speedo liner in them.  There were a few problems with the suit.  1. They were flimsy.  2.  My suit was a little small. Coach gave me a small suit because I was a skinny lad. i only weighed 165 but I was 6ft3in.  So the suit was crawling up my ass crack and really tight on me.  3.  I didn’t bring my jock strap to school because I had been wearing some sliders under my running shorts (They were like compression shorts).  4.  Biggest problem is I’m hung like a horse.  My friends called me wrist, because it was longer and thicker than their wrists.  I first put the suit on with my boxers and that didn’t work. Then i put it on with my compression shorts and they hung out 4 inches of the bottom of the suit and were white so they looked stupid.  So I went commando with my new royal speed suit. My other team mates kept yelling at me to hurry up because the coaches are pissed its taking so long.  I said okay i’m coming. I head out of the locker room and into the weight room and see my self in the mirror and I froze.  My cock was hanging down my right thigh looking like a big smoked sausage.  I thought there is no way I can go out there like this.  About this time one of the manager came in and said Coach Jones is pissed and said you come now or you will be running bleachers after practice. She looks down and sees my cock and does a double take.  She is looking at my cock then back to my eyes and then back down.  Then she says better hurry and leaves.  So I head out to the track and both the girls team and the boys team are waiting down there.  The boys team is lined up and ready to take the pictures. I hustle out and get in the back row of the team picture because I am tallest on the team.  I sprinted down so I know only a few girls saw the bulge in my suit. As we were getting our picture taken I noticed a group of girls around the female manager talking laughing and looking at me.

Contributed by Jack from Australia.

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