Nudist Camp CFNM Story

Last year i decided to take a long, long ride to a nudist camp.

I had to lay low, meaning, i needed to act like i was a normal nudist otherwise they would spot a CFNM sleaze and throw me the hell out!

So i drove over 2 hours through rural Tobacco fields and churches in North Carolina.

When i got there, the front office where you are “questioned” sat there on gravel a tiny office it was,.

I parked all excited, and tried to calm myself down, for i needed to past some sort of test in order to proceed, I was used to see naked girls in sites as, but this was my first time in this sort of experience.

I parked my car and proceeded inside. It was this make shift little office with a women around 60 years old weather skin from the sun glasses blonde with a voice plagued with years of smoking.

“Hi ” i said i called on the phone I’m Bernard

Yes she said, she proceeded to have me fill out legal forms papers all sorts of matters.

she ran me the rights rules and regulations of the place.

She asked if i was married, why was i there,i told her i was curious,and not there to pick anyone up etc.

she gave me a green light to go forth.

I got into my car and drove down this Long winding gravel road passing a small make shift lake and some house tents for the nudists to stay over night.

coming up in front of me was the main place, i pulled up on the grass where other cars parked, and parked.

the manager at the front desk earlier told me once you pull up to the main house, take off all your clothes and leave them in the car and just walk in, you’ll get a guided tour of the facility’s.

So i took off all my clothes (gladly) and went right inside.

there was a female who greeted me, she had a puffy soft bouncy tanned ass which i liked,she said hello and to follow her (gladly)

she showed me the pool area, that’s where most of the people were, there was a good mix of men and women,then she took me into the facility room that sported a kitchen, cable TV and a card table.Finally she showed me the billiards/Library room.

She left me alone i thanked her, and went on my merry way.

First i saw on the table inside there was sun tan lotion, so i took a glob of it, and proceeded to put it all over me, i was alone everyone was out by the pool which i could clearly see from the over sized windows in front of me.

Then i started applying the lotion to my cock and over sized balls, it felt great sexy like, now i couldn’t stop! so i kept applying MORE lotion to that area all the while looking out through the windows at the naked ladies at the pool! I thought to myself, this is going to be a fun day!

Then i proceeded into the Billiard/Library room for a game of Billiards.

the lady who showed me around felt sorry for me cause no one was in there so she played a game or two with me. This was quite nice, she stretched bent, and contorted, as she did so, i put the wooden smooth pool cue between my legs to get my cock slightly going!

Eventually she quit on me (i used to be on the pro tour) Anyhow, eventually this kind young black Gentleman couldn’t have been no older than 25 played with me, as we played i noticed something very bizarre about him.

His penis was less than 1″ in size! i thought Gee that’s odd, i mean you couldn’t really SEE it!

By the way as we played this beautiful sexy black teenager went to look at the books, she stood right next to us, pert teenage tits this incredibly round perky ass cute face! i felt fucking Horny!

Later on i went out on deck of the pool, this is where the bulk of nudists were, and it was getting more and more crowded!

By mid day there was about 70 nudists there around an equal amount of both men and women.

I sat there in a gazebo which was attached to the end part of the pool deck,  In there was this lady around 66 years old attractive with big D cup breasts, and a nice ass! she was looking for her sun glasses, and they must have been by the table near me, she leaned over and her breasts swayed around one inch from my hungry horny eyes,this is where i started getting really Horn!

I looked around now at ALL the tits and ass and i was aroused!

i noticed that ALL the guys not just some but ALL the guys there had penises that were under one inch!

My penis happens to be around 3 inches when soft!!!!!!!!!! also my balls and cock swing and sway when i walk! i say this because it plays into the story later on.

Then the lady who checked me in at the front office announced we are going to play a game, everyone was handed out a card from a deck.

each person now had a playing card.

she would cal, out a card, and then the person would have to come up to her and receive a gift.

Meanwhile there was this MILF near me very tan brunette cute great tits i was watching her intently, my cock was getting “Healthy”

i looked at other women my cock wasn’t erect mind you but it had been stretching from it’s nap!

Just then they called my card!

i got out of my chair, and i walked over to her in front of everyone, and as i did i FELT my heavy balls and swaying cock on the move!

i felt ALIVE like everyone was locked upon my family jewels !

I must have been close to 5 inches, and very “healthy”

i picked up my gift and it was a ticket to come back next time for FREE!

i was very happy about that because admission was $60, and this was a free invitation back i thought cool!

i walked back to my chair.

I went into the pool room, and the manager who was at the front desk said “Bernie can i see you for a minute”

i knew i didn’t like the sound of this!

i walked over to her not liking her tone.

“Listen, I had several complaints that you are walking around with a hard on, that is totally against our rules here”

i shot back “Listen i wasn’t i swear!”

it was true i really wasn’t the fact of the matter was is that my cock small looks like theirs hard!!!!!!!!

she told me to leave and never come back!

i saw the nice black guy i played pool with, i approached said here cause your a nice guy take this

i gave him my free ticket pass

he was shocked!

are you sure he asked me?

yeah no problem

he said can i pay you anything for it?

i said no just enjoy it, and with that i made my way home for the long sad two hour drive back.

My wife told me it was probably some jealous guy who complained!

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