Scorned Wife Takes Revenge Part II

This story is a continuation of Scorned Wife Takes Revenge.

I walk in the front door and and I’m overwhelmed at the number of hot women in my home. My wife Cathy introduced me around and I could not take my eyes off of the tits and ass. Some of the girls were laughing and pointing in my direction. I figured I was busted so I prepared to escape to my office and jerk off.

It was then that Cathy ambushed me. She says she has someone “special” she wants me to meet. Out of the kitchen walks Cheryl, a woman I have been enjoying my CFNM fantasies with for over a year now and that I’m sure that at some point worked with Zoom Escorts and those kind of services. Worse yet Cheryl is carrying a laptop on which is playing a movie of myself and Cindy, another girl I act out CFNM fantasies with.

In the movie I am furiously jacking off as Cindy makes fun of my dick which is abnormally small. A mirror is positioned so that I can easily shoot my load on to it. All of the women in the room, my wife Cathy and my mistress Cheryl are watching as I shoot a huge load of cum all over the mirror. I’m mortified that an entire room of women has seen me naked, seen my incredibly small cock and last saw me shoot a massive load of cum on to a mirror.

Then it hits me. These videos are uploaded to my favorite CFNM website which I’m sure you all know but I will not name here. This is bad, I think. I’ve uploaded tons of my movies there, including some were women are using dildos, since you can buy dildos at Cirilla’s site pretty easily now. Now I know why Cheryl is in my house.


I turn and my wife is staring me in the eyes. My mouth begins to form the word “what?” but she places her finger over my lips.

Take off your fucking clothes Todd.

The women all gather round as both Cathy and Cheryl are now demanding I take off my clothes. My cock is already hard because of the video playing on the laptop. I’m reluctant but also excited. This is a dream come true and my worst nightmare all rolled in to one.

I think, GO FOR IT! Quickly I begin to undress before I can change my mind. Shoes, socks, tie, shirt…I pause, the women all stare, most at my crotch. Shirt, belt, t shirt, pants…I pause, now I see smiles, hear whispers. My dick is fully hard and Cathy points that out. Cheryl points out that even fully hard, which she assures them I am, I barely make a tent in my briefs.

Down go my underwear. One of the women has yanked down my shorts from behind. Without thinking about it my hands immediately go to cover my cock.

Oh no no no big boy, says my wife.

The women are pulling my hands away. I’m fully exposed, completely naked now that my underwear are gone. They’re grabbing my ankles and knees, spreading my legs. My arms are now held out wide, at least two women holding each.  The thrill of it all is too much. I begin to quiver.

There are hands all over me. Rubbing my chest and legs. Running through my hair and every so often touching my rock hard cock. The girls are all commenting on my size. How small and thin it is. How it must be difficult for me to satisfy Cathy.

Cathy says I have never satisfied her which is why she has other means to take care of herself. She winks at me and says she’ll explain that more soon.

Cheryl then walks up to me. Very close. She says while looking me straight in the eyes, watch this. I know what is coming. ME. She stands slightly to the side and cups my balls. I’m still being held by numerous women as Cheryl slowly reaches for my cock.

She’s got two fingers poised over my dick about to begin jerking me off when I cum. Cheryl jumps back surprised and the other women release me. Unable to stop the flow I go with it and pump my cock for all it’s worth. I shoot long, ropey load after load of thick, sticky cum that splashed on to the tile floor.

The ladies were hooting and hollering. Oohing and ewwing. Laughing and pointing. I stood there spent and shrinking.

Cathy laughingly tells the girls she has another surprise for me…and them. She says it’s time to explain how she takes care of herself. She nods to Cheryl as a sign to move. Cheryl goes back to the kitchen and soon returns trailing a 6′ 4″ muscular, black man, completely nude with a semi hard cock that hung down almost to his knee.

To be continued>>>

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