Scorned Wife Takes Revenge

Todd is my husband and a sorry excuse for one. I had suspected for a while that Todd was cheating on me but couldn’t prove it. He has a good job and makes a lot of money. He’s gone a lot on “business” so he has plenty of opportunity. The only thing that gives me doubt is that Todd has an extremely small dick. Like pinky finger small. Who the hell would want that?

In my defense, at one time I was willing to overlook Todd’s shortcomings. I loved him with all my heart. He could never really satisfy me with his small penis but there are other ways to get the job done. As it turns out he he failed there as well. Sex with Todd was rare and almost always a disappointment. Leaving Todd was never an option as I believe in till death…until.

The phone call. It was from a woman I had never met. She called to tell me she had been sleeping with my “small dick asshole husband” and that she was going to sue him for posting videos of them having sex on the Internet. We ended up chatting for quite a while and I was able to convince her not to sue if I could get him to remove the videos. I had a plan that would benefit us both and get back at Todd as well.

A few weeks later I had a little party. I invited ALL of my girlfriends over to my home and we drank wine, talked and I introduced them to my new friend Cheryl. I told them how Todd had been sleeping with Cheryl for a while and that he had posted videos of them having sex in the Internet. Stunned silence.

Some of the girls immediately turned on Cheryl but when I explained my feelings most of them relented and agreed. When she gave me ALL of the jewelry and gifts Todd had bought for her I was convinced she was sorry. Todd was the scumbag here and he is the one that deserves punishment.

Now the conversation turns to the videos he posted. Without hesitation Cheryl opens her laptop and brings up a webpage. On it we can see the movies in question. There are 10 or more. Some are of Todd and Cheryl but others are with unknown women.

I stand back and watch as Cheryl clicks on one with Todd and herself. Cheryl is standing fully clothed in jeans and a tight t-shirt. She’s got big boobs, mid 30’s, good body and a pretty face. Todd is standing with his back to the camera, completely nude. Now the girls are giggling and pointing. Cheryl and I catch eyes and smile.

The movie continues. Todd walks to Cheryl and turns. He’s fully erect but you can barely see his cock. The girls move in closer…closer…closer. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!”, “IS THAT?”, “NOOOOO!”. “That is the smallest cock I have ever seen”. I heard that last one numerous times. The girls looked around a bit stunned. At me with sympathy. At each other with humor.

Again, the movie continues. Cheryl is now giving Todd a had job. More accurately a finger job. We all watch in silence. Soon Todd is thrusting his hips as he prepares to cum. Cheryl stops jerking is pin dick, stands back and says, “Finish”.

Todd pumps his dick furiously. Cheryl stands back and watches as he begins launching an impressive ropey load all over the carpet. Todd jerks and twitches finally letting go of his now spent cock. he leans back and his cock disappears above tiny shrunken balls.

The girls all begin to talk and comment as Cheryl cues up a movie of a different woman and Todd. As the girls gather round Todd pulls up the drive and in to the garage. “Perfect timing” I say as I lead Cheryl to the kitchen, out of sight. Todd enters and does his normal hellos and prepares to escape to his office. The women can barely meet his eye. Some laugh in his face.

“Not so fast big boy, there’s someone else you need to say hello to”. Cheryl enters the living room and Todd is dumbstruck. She carrying her laptop and there’s a movie playing. It’s him and a strange woman. He’s jerking off, shooting a huge load all over her mirror as she ridicules him for having such a small cock.

I turn to Todd and say one word. “STRIP”.

To be continued>>>

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