The Dream – Naked In The Classroom

I promised in my previous post ‘Naked In The Classroom‘ to share my recurring dream involving being naked in a public place. Here it is.

My dream begins with me sitting in class at my desk. Everything seems normal at first. I see Ms. Honey (no lie), my extremely hot English teacher standing at the front of the room, writing on the board. She’s in her late twenties, long blonde hair, nice legs, pretty face with a big bright smile. Ms. H is a little thick in the ass but she also has huge, round, gorgeous, tits to balance it out.

My dick is getting hard so I casually scan the classroom to make sure nobody has noticed. It’s only then that I realize there are fewer classmates in the room than normal. In fact all of the boys are missing, except for me of course. It seems odd but as long as I have Ms. Honey to look at I’m cool.

Now Ms. Honey is facing the class looking directly at me her eyes as wide as dinner plates. I flash her a confused smile as I look down to see why.

I’m naked. 100% stark fucking naked and with a raging hard on to boot. I’m standing now, my desk nowhere in sight. I try to cover myself but my cock seems to have mystical powers being able to somehow avoid being covered by my hands.

All of the girls in the class are now staring at my engorged member with a mix of reactions. Some are laughing, some are peeking through fingers that are suppose to be covering their eyes, some are making comments.

Now Ms. Honey is standing in front of me looking down at my cock. She has one of those wooden rulers with the metal edge in her hand. Her eyes meet mine and she asks why I’m in her classroom naked. I stutter and say very little.

Suddenly she reaches out and grabs hold of my cock. Feeling how hard it is, giving it a few playful strokes, smacking it with the ruler. All of this in front of the girls who are gathering around us to watch. Then one of the girls asks Ms. Honey to measure my cock.

Ms. Honey nods yes and slowly bends down while looking me straight in the eyes. My female classmates all move in closer to get a better look. Ms. Honey measures my cock and tells the girls how impressed she is with my size. The girls agree. Then Ms. Honey has me spread my legs so she can cup my balls. She’s weighing them, fondling them, showing them to the girls.

Ms. Honey stands and grabs hold of my cock again. She walks me to the front of the classroom, leading me by my enormous meat leash. Her intentions are clear. She wants me to “perform” for the class.

Standing there in front of some of the hottest girls in school I begin stroking my cock. They all watch with burning intensity. Ms. Honey comes to my side and whispers in my ear. “Shoot your cum for us” she says.

Then I wake up…sigh.

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