Chariots Of CFNM

This story is totally amazing!

it happens to be my second favorite CFNM story!

Here is what happened, ~~~~~~

A few years ago i was in a place called AT HOME it’s a store that has all these knick knacks and such, anyhow, i was wearing my famous silver CFNM yoga pants, walking around looking for someone to film me.

You see, if they do not whip out their i-phones i consider it a waste of my time!

If a women see’s my penis smiles i think who cares she didn’t LOVE it! and ONLY when they whip out their i phones does it mean they LOVE it, otherwise it’s forgoton  by me

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A Cock As Strong As Steel!

This story takes place back in San Francisco May of 2008.

This story is more funny than erotic, but it’s a story that MUST be told!

it’s not long, but it’s quite amusing.

I was riding a bus in San Francisco, and there was no room to sit down, so i had to stand.

Of course i was in my trusty CFNM pants.

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The Greatest CFNM Of My Life!

Hey there fans, this is CFNM porn star Bernard  Z.  Grate.

I’ve had over 10,000 CFNM happenings in my lifetime, more women have seen my cock than perhaps any other male!

My estimation is roughly 6 million women have seen my penis in the last 10 years!

So many experiences with CFNM it’s totally amazing, but today i want to write about the single greatest CFNM experience of my lifetime so far!

As some of you fans may recall, i was sent to San Francisco back in May of 2008,to film bay to breakers .

I decided to wear my famous package check pants every day there.

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Naked In The Classroom

Most of us have had the dream where we’re naked in a variety of public places. One of my personal favorite places is in the classroom as portrayed in the movie above. I’ve had this dream many times. I’ll be posting a complete story of my dream soon. In the meantime please feel free to submit your own.

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Return To The Beach

This movie gives you an idea of what happened to me upon my return to the beach. I couldn’t get the memory of my first CFNM experience out of my head so I decided to try and relive it as closely as I could. My plan was to visit the same spot we used the first time and masturbate while playing it back in my mind.

I found the same spot, spread out my towel, stripped down naked, lay down and began to masturbate. I was hard within seconds so I closed my eyes and began to fantasize that six bikini clad girls were watching me. Just like before. I wanted it to last so to prolong the joy I released my cock every so often to let it bob in the air until the sensitivity subsided. On and on I stroked for what seemed like quite a long time.

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My First CFNM Experience

This movie reminded me of my very first CFNM experience. I was young man on summer vacation looking forward to spending what I hoped was a great day at the beach. Little did I know it would be the start of something wonderful that would stay with me forever.

It was a hot day, perfect beach weather and I was dressed for the occasion. T-shirt, swim suit, sneakers and a towel around my neck. My buddy and I were meeting four of the hottest (according to him) girls at his school. I went to a different school a few towns away. Anyhow they showed up and not only were they hot but there were six of them. They all wore t-shirts and short-shorts with bikinis underneath. There was a blonde or two a few brunettes and a redhead with huge tits. Once we got the introductions out of the way we headed on to the beach and spread out our towels.

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